Thursday, June 23, 2016

Practice Light Sabres

I had the mental dillusion that I was... I mean I wanted to be like my favorite childhood hero, Luke Skywalker, so I knew at some point I'd have to start practicing my Wu-Tang sword style.  Incidentally, I had these really thin aluminum poles from a 70's eazy-up which would be the perfect blade since "aluminum" does actually mean "light". I suppose it could also be a spell to illuminate something since they use all the Latin rood words of stuff like that.

I learned from a video that the prophet Lucas made the handles out of junk they had sitting around that looked cool, so I figured I wouldn't have to make anything fancy. The two bits I used here were a boring bar from my old workplace, and a piece of scrap from the side of the road.

To attach the blade to the handles, I drilled holes and used some aluminum rods as rivets.
After flattening the rivet:
For the button, I figured I'd use a stainless "button head" screw. Interestingly, a "hex key" used to mean a curse, but now it's an Allen wrench!

Balance has been restored to the Force!

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