Sunday, June 26, 2016

Niterider Light Mount

I'd been meaning to make a new mount for my Niterider light since the last one got borrowed (Huckleberry Finn style) and no stores around had them. This light has been very faithful in my adventures (especially the ones to Cussing Jim's Canyon) and illuminates the road ahead very well. I decided to make the mount from some blocks of aluminum. I originally intended to make the mount with a dovetail like the Criterion boring heads, but decided I didn't need that much precision for something like this!
I didn't really have an idea how I would do it, but it turned out like this: I machined a wedge piece to fit into the light, bolted it to the rectangular block, and afterwards drilled and tapped a set screw hole to prevent it from sliding off.

Here we have all the pieces. The largest diameter on my handlebars is 1" so I drilled the 1" hole then cut the piece with a hacksaw.
To secure the light, I used two wingnuts. Now we're back in business! In the meantime, I had been using an incandescent Cateye light from the cold war era, so now I have double the power!

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