Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Aku Aku Bicycle Hood Ornament

Where we last left off, I had just cast the stuff.
raw aku aku castings
First order of business is to cut the runners and file off all the extra metal, and brush Aku Aku's teeth to get the sand off.
cleaning up the castings

I found this orange reflector in the street and knew it was going to be Aku Aku's eyes.  I cut it with a hacksaw holding it in the vise with a paper towel to not accidentally crack or scratch it.
cutting reflector
I experimented with a few different attaching mechanisms, from left to right: drilling and filing a hole between the middle feathers, drilling and tapping #10-32 holes behind the eyebrows and nose (the thickest parts of the casting), drilling and tapping 2 holes (this casting was considerably thicker than the other two, so I could drill the holes anywhere).
drilling the attachment hardware for aku aku
Then more sawing and filing the reflector bits to match the shape.
filing the reflector for aku aku's eyes
Perfect fit! I went with the 3 holed one to attach to the basket.
Aku Aku on my bike
Oh yeah, I got some serious bandicoot power on this bike now. Top speeds and invincibility all the time! You don't mess with Aku Aku, or for that matter, Aku Aku.
aku aku hood ornament close up
Update: Aku Aku Gets a 3rd eye upgrade

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