Saturday, July 4, 2015

Joe's Ancient Orange Mead completion

Approximately 2 months after starting my first batch of mead, it was time to bottle it.
Mead prior to bottling
The nectar, she glows
According to the recipe, the final gravity should have been around 1.030. My batch finished up at 1.054, giving my batch an ABV of 9.5%. This might sound weak, but the sweetness along with the orange and cinnamon flavors make it a very potent beverage.
Gravity reading on the mead
That bread yeast got overwhelmed by all the sugar/alcohol
What comes now after this batch? I still have at least 1 lb of honey left over, so I can easily get another batch of this stuff started. Alternatively, I can look up some other recipes and piece together one of my own (I still have some vanilla beans left over from when I made the Vanilla Porter so that could be a fun experiment). I definitely want to try a different yeast strain for the next one. Until then, cheers!
Mead, not moonshine
7 mason jars of this sweet stuff (not Jarate)

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