Monday, July 6, 2015

A (somewhat) Midsummer Garden Update

Garden overview

Let's take a look at the garden. It's been quite a hot summer so far, with several days reaching all the way up to 107! This week will be significantly cooler than that (but still pretty hot) which should provide some relief to these babies (I only need to be careful in case Mr. Jerry Brown decides to ration watering personal gardens.)

Zucchini container
Lots of leaves!
For being in such a small container, the zucchini plant is chugging along nicely. I think the abundant sunshine is the cause of it. None of the female flowers have opened yet, but I've been getting a few male flowers to open every few days.
Zucchini flower
A bright ray of sunshine

Zucchini growth
Looks like the Medusa
Once this starts producing, I'll have to get some panko to deep fry them.

Tomatoes closeup
More sandwich ingredients!
All of the tomato plants over in the blue tub have started to produce. The Big Beef (or is it Big Boy? all the large tomato varieties make me laugh) has produced about 2 decent sized tomatoes so far with another ripening up. This plant will likely produce all the way until October, unless the El Nino hits early.
Tomato on the vine
Almost ripe!
I picked the biggest tomato from that plant nearly a month ago. It weighed about 1/3rd of a pound and tasted amazing.
Tomato in the palm of my hand
Biggest tomater so far
But wait there's more
Not the heaviest of tomatoes, but respectable
Ronco Popeil
The cherry tomato plants have produced a small share of fruit so far. If they will be anything like the tomato plants I had two years ago, I'm sure to expect many more tomatoes by September.

I cut the tomato in half and more spawned
These actually formed when I cut the big tomato in half

Royal vineyard
They like their new home
The new additions to the vineyard have adapted to their new home well. The key to keeping these new vines vigorous is consistent watering, some fertilizer, and training each vine up the appropriate stick (the sun likes to draw the vines onto sticks in neighboring buckets).

Tallest vine with grapes
Almost as big as me!
The Symphony vine I got last year is much taller than it was last year. Aside from that, the sun has done quite a bit of damage to the clusters growing on it. I've had to cut off one that got completely dried out. From what I can see so far, there won't be enough grapes to make any wine. I'm optimistic that I'll be able to get some from the other vines next year to make an "estate blend".

The grapes aren't going to make it
Sour grapes!

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