Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bench Brush (Broom Repair Part 2)

I bought a push broom at a garage sale not realizing I didn't need it.  Since it seems brooms seem to be a recurring topic on this website, I decided it would be more useful as a bench brush.
My idea was to take the broom part, and remove a good portion of the wood and half of the bristles to make a handle.

First removing the bristles using needle nose pliers.  It seemed like a shame to let these bristles go to waste, but then I remembered that I practically saved two whole brooms from the landfill last time, so I felt no remorse.
To remove the wood, I was considering drilling a couple holes and sawing it, but then I remembered how well my milling machine worked on the wood for the bicycle stereo, and decided to mill it all out instead!
Then using a wood file and some sandpaper to make it less painful to hold.
As before, the benefit of making\modifying a broom: after you're done, you've already got something to clean up with!
I didn't realize how massive this thing was going to be until I compared it with brush I've been using.  I've been told it could double as a disciplinary device. AKA, a kid beater.
I noticed that I'd left just enough of the threading to still attach the handle.  But who the heck would want half of a push broom???
Oh yes! Willy Wonka of course!!!

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