Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Greens and Machines -- Top 10 Projects of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, we'd like to take this time to look back on some of the great projects and activities we managed to do this year. We'd like to thank all of our followers for sticking with us and hope you continue to follow along with all of our homebrewing, scrap welding, and other adventures.

Without any further delay, here are the selections for the Greens and Machines Top 10 list of 2014!
10 - Broom Repair
After finding a broom without a handle, and a terrible broom with a good handle, the two were combined to make the best possible broom.

9- Recycled Notebook

It's good to have a project once in a while where the material being recycled isn't metal.  This notebook made good use of old school work that would've normally gone to waste.

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8- Microgreens for the Bearded Dragon
This genius, small scale gardening solution not only solved the problem of how to get sandwich toppings, but also provided a tasty snack for a reptilian friend.

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7- DIY Scented Soap
One of the few collaborative projects we did this year created quite a buzz with the variety of fresh smelling scents formulated. From good smelling scents like lemon and orange to fruity ones like strawberry, and to questionable ones like garlic, each bar was special in its own unique way.

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6- Collet Cloture
Those that saw last year's top 5, would know that my favorite projects are the ones that involve strategic use of both welding and machining.  This might have made it higher in the countdown if the whole inspiration for its construction wasn't a failed business venture.  Should have known that there wouldn't be much of a market for a completely useless item...

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5- Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Trip
You don't get to explore a world class brewery everyday (unless you work for one). Sierra Nevada was an awesome one to explore and to see the inner workings of. For those that have yet to tour this brewery, this write up will make it seem like you were there touring it with me. Expect to see more brewery tours next year!

4- Deep Fried California Cheese Curds
Hey Wisconsinites! California cows can also make delicious cheese too! And we in this state can recreate the classic Midwestern delicacy here too. This was my favorite deep fried treat to prepare this year. I hope to try making some more cooking tutorials next year.

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3- New Oil Burner
This project definitely involved some very strategic welding and machining.  It also got revenge for the terrible welding exhibited on the collet cloture by using a smaller rod.  This is also the first step in getting the foundry back in business for more experimentation in 2015, so stay tuned for the upcoming foundry season.

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2- Pumpkin Cider Batch #2
After moving out of my old apartment, this was one of my first successful attempts at using my new, smaller-sized homebrewing setup. This delicious recipe was an easy one to downsize and brew. It will lead to more adventurous 1 gallon batches in 2015.

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1- Bicycle Stereo
This bicycle stereo is by far the coolest thing to emerge from this blog in 2014. Probably the greatest idea to bring the music out onto the big streets. Building it was a much better use of time than studying for physics too.

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Which project of ours was your favorite this year? Did it make the list? What amazing things should we try doing next year? Leave a comment below.

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