Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bottling Day -- Pumpkin Cider #2

(Continued from last week)
Clean Bottles
Ready to be filled!
It was time to bottle my latest batch of pumpkin cider.

Gravity did its job and settled out any remaining pumpkin and other schmutz floating in the beverage. All that was left for me to do is add in a little apple juice and bottle my beverage.
Bottling supplies
I also took the time today to rack my other cider

For the ~1 gallon of cider I had to bottle, I calculated that I needed about 1.5 cups of juice to properly carbonate the cider. I didn't end up with 1 gallon worth of bottles in the end, so who knows if I put too much sugar back into it. I can always cold crash it after 1-2 weeks of conditioning to prevent any of the bottles from exploding.

Racking into bottling bucket
Much cleaner now than it was on day 1.

1 down, 6 more to go.

The total yield from this batch was 7 bottles. My taste test from today tells me that this will be a tasty, hard hitting beverage once it is carbonated. This should be carbonated just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, a perfect drink for after the dinner.

How's that for pumpkin spice in the holiday season? Until next time, Cheers!

Box of Pumpkin Spice Cider
A total of 7 bottles. Enough for me and a few to give away.

Pumpkin Cider labels
"Fancy" labels for my fancy beverage

Pumpkin Cider Carbonated
The finished product with carbonation.
It tastes just like the 1st batch, but with slightly more alcohol flavor.

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