Sunday, August 31, 2014

A New Home -- Garden Relocation

Cucumber harvest
The first cucumber!
It's been a long 3 years at my old apartment, and a good 2 having the garden there. But with my lease expiring and old roommates also moving out, it was time for me to leave. I couldn't afford to bring my whole entire garden with me to the new place, but I was able to bring a few of the bigger/more important plants with me.
New garden
The survivors

My landlord allowed me to store the few plants I have now in the backyard of the house. I like this new setup because I no longer have a lot of time to manage a lot of plants. Also there is a hose in the backyard, so that will save me a lot of time watering.

Coming along with me to the new place are two cucumber plants, a pepper, and my grape vine. From the two weeks they've been here so far, it seems like they have acclimated well and are thriving. The cucumbers are flowering and are growing fruit.

Cucumbers on the vine
Two cucumbers on this plant so far

Untrained vine
One trailing along the ground (I didn't get the opportunity to trellis this one)

A cucumber
The second cucumber on the first plant

From increased watering frequency, the grape vine is showing some new growth. It's still very young and won't fruit until next year at the earliest.
Symphony grape vine
I should always take advice from the people who propagate these

Lastly, the pepper plant I brought along because it was the only one of the ones I planted that grew. Also the container was small. I don't know what variety it is yet, but I think it's a Fresno Chili. It's begun to flower already.

Pepper plant flowering

What lies in store at my new place? Potentially a little homebrewing, but not on the same scale I used to have. Otherwise, I think these plants will provide many harvests in the coming weeks.

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