Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bottling Day: World Cup Victory Cider

It's cider bottling day. After 3 weeks of fermenting/aging, World Cup Victory Cider was ready to bottle. It finished with a final gravity of 1.000, resulting in an ABV of 9.30%. I chose to bottle the cider up mostly in 22 oz bottles, along some larger bottles and a few 12 oz.
Bottling Bucket
Ready to fill!
One cider was bottled in a sparkling wine bottle. Due to the way sparkling wine is made, the lips of the bottles are designed to take beer caps. That being said, they must use different cap sizes in some wineries since I was only able to cap 1 of my 4 bottles. Regardless, that one will only be saved for a special occasion, as it is a lot of cider to drink at once.
I don't know why I always show this part of the bottling day.

Not so sanitary
A not so typical way to dry off the bottles....

Siphoning to bottling bucket
Siphoning the cider to the bottling bucket

Siphoning out of secondary fermenter
Siphoning the cider out from secondary

Capping a sparkling wine bottle
The only sparkling wine bottle with a suitable cap

Bottles upon Bottles of Cider
26 Bottles of various volumes and dimensions

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