Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring is here! Upstairs Garden Update

Swiss Chard Seedling
My newest Swiss chard plant
Yesterday was the first day of spring! Now the balcony will get its full 6 hours of sun once again. I haven't really planted anything new upstairs yet, but that will happen within the next two weeks (or whenever plants start dying off). Here's today's showcase.
Balcony Garden left March 21
On the left side
Balcony Garden Right March 21
The right side
The biggest change from last week is the removal of one of the cabbages. I noticed it was going to seed instead of forming a head, so I dug it up and have been using its leaves to make cabbage rolls.
Whole Harvested Cabbage no head
Yes I did end up taking a selfie with this one, don't ask to see it.
The two that have not formed heads yet I feel are in danger of going down the same path, but only time will tell. I won't really mind it, the leaves are delicious.
Remaining cabbages
The way the sun shines on these two

Mutant cabbage might be forming the heads, but I'm not too sure yet.
Many heads cabbage
I wonder if it sends up multiple seed stocks when it bolts.
My newer additions, the chard, lettuce, and celery have been growing nicely. With increased sunlight, they should grow much quicker.
Chard Seedling
Little Swiss Chard
Regrown celery
Lettuce looking nice, celery getting somewhere too.
Moving to my trellis bin, my peas look like they are taking some hits from the heat, but there is at least 1 plant that is toughing it out. Surprisingly, there is a spinach plant in there that is actually growing the way it should normally grow. Have I found the secret to growing spinach? Or is this a mutant plant that can withstand the heat?
Peas climbing up the side
I have a spinach plant
Look the spinach is alive!
Finally, I come to the leafier greens on my balcony, the chard and the kale. I'm getting lots of positive feedback from those who liked the chard chips. (I like them alot too, they are very tasty.) Today was the first day I harvested the kale in the corner. The chips I made from them were very good, somewhat tastier than the chard chips. Expect a guide on how to make them soon.
Swiss Chard
Kale plant
Monstrous kale plant
April 2nd Update

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