Saturday, January 4, 2014

Apple Cherry Juice Wine has been bottled

A follow up to my winemaking event last month, I have gone ahead and bottled my wine. It was very clear so I decided that aging in bottles was a better option than bulk aging.

Siphoning to other container so yeast doesn't get into wine bottles
The final gravity of my wine was 0.998, resulting in an ABV of 11.7%, which is in my prediction range. I have tasted the wine in its current state, and even though it doesn't taste bad, it can probably do better with some aging.

Ingenious way to prevent spills when filling bottles
 I got 4 bottles and 12 oz worth of wine out of the batch. I guess I'll drink/give samples away the 12 oz excess. I'll let this age for at least 2 months before I try tasting it again.
I am really digging the color

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