Friday, January 3, 2014

Germination Tray -- Seed Sprouting/Microgreens Growing Tray Part 2

I need to start some new seeds for my hydroponic garden. I think I'll be filling the system with bok choy exclusively. I received some rockwool cubes as a gift, so I decided to give them a try. Using the same trays as I used before, I got to work.

I have about 25 2"x2" cubes, which costs about 36 cents per cube. I don't need a full cube to get a bok choy plant going, so I cut the cubes down into 4 separate pieces. Now it's only 9 cents per plant.
More bang for my buck
I am using a pastry tray (I think this one had red velvet cookies) in conjunction with an old strawberry container to start my seeds in the rockwool. The strawberry container is the perfect size to hold 18 little 1 inch cubes. I am also using the bottom of a 2 liter soda bottle to hold the other 2 cubes I need, since that was the only other thing I can find. The pastry tray can hold 2 of the strawberry containers, giving the total capacity of 40 seedlings. Plus with the plastic cover, I don't need to worry about moisture escaping.
18 regular sized pak choi and 2 baby bok choy planted
Bok choy needs about a week to germinate, along with another week or so to be ready to transplant. I'll try to time it so my planting day is close enough to a brew day, so I can dump my cooling water into the bins.
Moisten the cubes with water at a slightly lower pH than 7, plant the seeds, and wait it out

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