Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Operation "Woody" Part 1: Drive Center

I originally tried to make the teeth of the wood center out of some 3/4" stock, but I drilled the center hole too big and accidentally messed up the drive teeth by a combination of not hitting my dimensions or using a faulty indexing head.
I decided this time I would just make it out of a square shaped stock with bigger diameter.  I turned it down to 13/16" and drilled a smaller center hole.  This way, there would be more room for the teeth.  Next I went to the milling machine and put it in a vise and milled the teeth one at a time with an end stop on the other end.  Since the end was squared previously, I could mill the teeth perfectly timed 90 degrees apart.  Also this setup was much more rigid than a rickety indexing head.
I utilized a left handed endmill so I could cut the direction I wanted without climb-cutting.

Next, in the lathe I bored a 60 degree inside taper to fit over a dead center.  I had since sawed off the square part.
In the whole fiasco of getting my machine shipped, I ended up getting two boxes of tools and four #3 Morse dead centers that I had no idea what to do with.  So when life gives you centers, make more useful centers.
This is the drive tip slipped onto the dead center.  I had to find a way to secure it with a little pressure while welding it so it would remain on the 60 degree center .  I used a piece of aluminum with a hole in it for the point to go through and apply pressure to the drive teeth.  On the other side, I wedged a couple chuck removing wedges to make it fit perfectly within a cutout piece and be secure while welding.
To be sure I didn't accidentally get weld spatter on the taper, I protected it with aluminum foil.
Here is a picture after welding it with some welding peripherals.
After that, I had it flame hardened and quenched in oil.  Since the drive teeth were made of chromoly, it was hardenable. 
I insisted it was done, but my supervisor at work decided to grind it for me.  Now it looks like a legitimate professional wood center, minus the craters left from welding.
Oh yeah, no piece of wood would dare come undone under the clamping wrath of this drive center.

"Operation Woody"

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  1. Awesome!!! :D
    Now we can get some progress in our airsoft projects!!!


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