Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Food that Food Eats -- Garden Update 11/5

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Well I'm not too much for a revolution, unless it's a food revolution. Anyway, now that all my parts from Hong Kong have arrived, I can run the pump without fear of water siphoning back into it (check valves arrived). It has been incredibly windy this week, so I've had the misfortune of some leaves being ripped off lettuce/bok choy. I was impressed by the flavor in the severed leaves though.


It's easy to tell the romaine apart from the leaf lettuce now that its bigger

Bok choy getting much bigger
A few more weeks before the bok choy will be ready to harvest.
This bin is starting to catch up
This section of the garden is slow growing, but will catch up soon.
Lettuce of many colors
The container with lettuce microgreens is very colorful.
Strawberry plant hasn't produced since I got it in spring


Looks like new kale will end up living

I'm still getting tomatoes

Cabbage roll
I must find what is eating my cabbage
I suspect that caterpillars from moths have landed on my cabbage. I haven't seen one yet, but new holes keep appearing each day.
Young Kale
Kale and chard

Swiss Chard
Nevada Lettuce Plant
I harvested some leaves off this lettuce last weekend

Still living, but wind-whipped

Tomato canopy
Nevada Lettuce Harvest
Lettuce harvested over the weekend

Nevada Lettuce Harvest
Tasty leaves
The Nevada lettuce made a nice salad. The leaves were a bit bitter, but still tasty after the summer heat they've been through.

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