Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Leafy Greens -- Garden update 10/22

Don't think I forgot about my garden, it's still alive. The content has been changing so much lately. Here are photos of how it looked this morning.


Tomato plants till alive

Closer shot of the canopy
Plenty of little tomatoes remaining to pick. The weather is still warm enough for them to produce.
Some have overgrown the railing

Cabbage much larger than before
The cabbage is starting to head up. I don't know how long or how big it will end up getting.
Lettuce regrew after I harvested it about a month ago

Chard, lettuce, spinach seedlings, kale, and tomatoes

Closeup of Nevada Lettuce

Baby Kale

The planter and kitty litter boxes


Another shot of the lettuce

Some tomatoes almost ready to pick

Cilantro in the tomato bins

Looks like a garlic that I planted a few months ago decided to sprout


Lettuce bin
Once more leaves start growing, I shall have a great many salads for lunch/dinner.
Bok Choy and Cabbage

More Bok Choy, smaller than the other bin

Bok Choy closeup

Same variety of cabbage that I have upstairs
The cabbage in the hydro bins are doing good. I guess nearly anything can be grown in the hydroponic system.
Lettuce of different types

Lettuce, strawberry, more lettuce
The rain should be coming again soon. The temperatures have been hovering in the 70s mostly during the day before dropping to the low 50s at night. I hope that the lettuce I planted will do better than the spinach I planted last year. Also, since the cabbage grows big, the plant with the bok choy/cabbage bin is the harvest all the bok choy before the cabbage gets too big.

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