Monday, July 29, 2013

Chard Harvests and Peppers -- July 29 Garden update

First, I would suggest looking at the harvest page to see some of the stuff I picked on the 22nd.

Swiss Chard Harvest
Chard picked on the 22nd
Today I had the opportunity to take some photos of the garden. Upstairs, the tomato canopy is getting larger. The pepper and tomato plants in the subirrigated planter are taking off. I planted some green onion seeds in between my tomato plants last week and those have begun to germinate. Lettuce seeds I planted in vacant pots have begun to germinate too.

Massive Tomato Growth
Afternoon shot, so no sunlight like my other photos
I see lots of people looking up at these plants from the street

Green Onions

Fresno Chili Pepper on the plant
Fresno plant growing larger

The left side balcony is a mess
Left side overview
Downstairs, I removed the cucumbers from the hydro bin and planted some sweetcorn, to see how well they would do in my system. They have germinated now. My marigold plant is blooming in full force now. Additionally, one of my heat tolerant lettuce plants is doing really well.
Hydroponic corn
A rich tradition

The blooms are smaller than they look

Red Lettuce
Red lettuce

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