Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Tomato Canopy Emerges -- July 16 Balcony update

So how is my balcony doing after my major renovations? Let's take a look. I last updated to show the transplanting of tomatoes into bins 2 and 3 about 2 weeks ago.


Tomato Canopy
It's like looking through a canopy

All the tomato plants
Now all 3 bins have tomato plants
All tomatoes everywhere
A closer look at the further away bins

Left side of balcony

Sub irrigated planter box
Subirrigated planter now has 2 Fresno peppers and 2 Cherry Tomato plants
I have no idea how long it will take for all the cloned plants to start producing, but several of them are starting to flower already. I also wonder how long they will live into the fall and winter even. I question my decision to put the smaller clone in the shadier part of the sub irrigated planter too. It won't grow as fast as the taller one and will probably be shaded out once the other one gets larger.

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