Friday, July 5, 2013

Balcony renovation: DIY Sub Irrigated planter

As I had mentioned in the last update, I replaced the desk drawers on the left side of my balcony with a new sub irrigated planter box. I found a wooden box on the street corner and it happened to be the perfect size.
To make the planter sub-irrigated, I needed some 2 liter bottles and a piece of PVC pipe. I had these lying around my closet, so it was a piece of cake.
Wooden box found on the side of the road
The box
First step was the clean out the interior of the box and remove some screws attached to the side.
The reservoir
Using 3 two liter bottles, I created the reservoir. I poked holes on the sides and top to allow for water to exit and leave the reservoir.
Adding dirt to SIP
Filling Part 1
The box was then moved to it's final location, where the reservoir was reassembled and fitted into place by soil.
Filled planter 1
Filling Part 2
The PVC pipe was reattached to the notch I cut for it and the rest of the box was filled. It's that easy to create your own sub irrigated planter.
Filled planter 2
Location in garden
Tomatoes and peppers in subirrigated planter
Tomatoes and Peppers fit nicely in it

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