Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spring comes to an end -- Spring Garden Weekly Update 9

This update will be the last one of the so-called titled "spring" updates. I will be resuming updates once my final exams are done under the title of "summer" weekly updates. Since most of everything is grown, I will mostly focus on weekly harvesting and other major changes to the garden.


Left side balcony garden
Right side balcony garden

Corn/Pole beans bin: I snipped off the ends of the pole beans to prevent them from growing onto the roof of my apartment. This caused them to start flowering, which is good. Corn has spread lots of pollen, but there are no silks to receive it.
3 Sisters Container Garden
Corn bin
Middle bin: Many green beans have been harvested, especially today. I was able to harvest both the flat podded Roma variety and some of the bonafide bush beans I planted.
Container Garden Beans
Middle bin
Trellis bin: The peas are dying off quickly due to >90 degree temperatures. The growing bean pods cause the plants to lean over the sides of the bin. I think they are still producing.
Beans and Peas container
Trellis bin
Harvested Beans
Bean harvest of today
On the left hand side of the garden, my cherry tomato in the kitty-litter box is now massive. Everything else seems to be growing fine, except for the radishes and some bush beans - they look ravaged by the sun. I will need to find a way to keep my 1 gallon pots safe during my absence, or someone to water them.

Left Balcony Tomato Plant
Giant tomato plant
Left side balcony garden closeup
Lower terrace
I have stopped harvesting lettuce from the small bucket, as it has begun to bolt. I have a feeling that the corn in the hydroponic bucket will produce me an ear.
Desk Drawers + Cut and Come again lettuce
Desk drawers


I had a mishap with my cucumber bin. It turns out that the plant I lost earlier this year was not due to disease; I drowned it. The plants in the bin are now looking wilted and nearly dead because I added back too much water to the reservoir. The roots are very sensitive to changes, so I must be careful if I grow cucumbers in them again. I have plans to replace the cucumbers with 3 cherry tomato plants (clones of some of the upstairs plants) and 3 heat tolerant lettuce varieties if the cucumbers happen to die.
Kratky Garden overview
I rotated the pepper bin to expose the Anaheim peppers to more sun and it looks like the move is working. Many flowers have appeared on my tallest plant (Serrano).
Kratky Peppers
RIP Cucumbers. I trellised them just in case they recover. I did manage to harvest a few cucumbers before they wilted. Lemon cucumbers taste oddly like watermelon....
Cucumbers dying off
Massive ACE tomato plant seems to be getting most of my attention this week. I staked it with a larger stick and secured it to the balcony so it doesn't fall over. I lost several eggplant blossoms due to heat/poor pollination.
Eggplant and Tomato Kratky
Bonus photo: ACE Tomatoes forming
Tomatoes forming

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