Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dial Indicator/ Camera Stand

All the other machinists at work have their own dial test indicators & bases like the one pictured above and whenever I have to do a setup, I always have to borrow one.  It was implied I should get one too, but my distaste in expensive delicate things that need to be taken care of led me to make a stand for my $15 Harbor Freight indicator.

The idea for the locking mechanism was stolen from the mill stops we use.  However, instead of an Allen screw to adjust the height, a carriage bolt is used with a locking thing from a vise I broke.  For the indicator I used an indicator extension, which was a project from the lathe class I took, inserted through an Allen bolt with a 1/4" hole drilled through it.  This is secured by a wing nut.
Pro tip: don't try to drill through an Allen bolt because they are hardened.
The base is from a disused fixture from work.  I drilled and tapped a couple 1/4-20 holes in it to screw in another indicator extension which was threaded, the wing nut acts as a jam nut to hold it down.  The shaft was turned down and ground from a rod found on the side of the road.
Here is an exploded view.  The block had to have a square milled around the hole for the carriage bolt which is visible in this picture.
With the addition of a 1/4-20 bolt with the head cut off, and a nut, it becomes a camera stand.  Here the magnet base is shown, which is just a magnet from Harbor Freight with a hole drilled though the handle. 
The stand works so well it can even support my VHS camera.

I really underestimated the versatility of this stand, here I am using it to align the head on the milling machine.

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