Thursday, May 16, 2013

Building a tray

I got tired of carrying stuff from the kitchen like this, so I built a tray from scrap aluminum and wood.
Aluminum angle pieces courtesy of the scrap bin at school:
Is it still called angle iron if it is made of aluminum?
Thin wood piece from shelf drawer, I cut it with aviation snips to this size.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with cutting wood with aviation snips.... well until it cracks.

Cutting the aluminum to length with hacksaw.  I clamped the vise to the table to make it easier.

Deburring the sharp edges with a file.
Drilling the holes, I clamped it all so I could drill through all 3 pieces at once.  Center drilled first, then through with a 1/4" bit, and deburred with a countersink.
 Fastening it all together with stainless steel #10-32 screws and nuts.
 Here is a view of the bottom.  I assembled it so the tray will sit on the round heads of the screws.
 All done!
Scrap Attack is part of this nutritious breakfast.

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