Friday, April 26, 2013

Bottling Day: Stout

(Continued from earlier)

I decided it was time to bottle the stout after 5 days of secondary. The beer was pretty clear prior to secondary anyway, and the gravity didn't change in the 5 days, so no big deal.
Siphoning for bottling
Black as midnight
Step 1 of bottling is to delabel and sanitize all the beer bottles. Today we learned that washing out the bottles before adding them to the collection goes a long way to cleanliness. We had to throw out about 12 bottles because of gunk stuck on the bottom. Regardless, we still had enough bottles at the end to fill everything.

Step 2 was sanitizing all the equipment; the autosiphon, the bottling bucket, the bottle caps, etc.

Next, we dissolved 7 ounces of dried malt extract (DME) in 2 cups of water to act as our priming sugar. Yeast in the beer will react with the sugar to create CO2 to condition and preserve the bottles.

Moving back to the brew closet, we placed the dissolved DME in the bottling bucket and siphoned the beer onto it. This bucket was moved downstairs for bottling. We placed the bucket on the upper counter and siphoned the beer into bottles down on the floor.
Empty Bottles ready to fill
Ready for filling!
Filling Siphon method
Carefully filling up the bottles
Roommate filling bottles
My roommate taking a turn at filling
Once filled, the bottles needed to be capped, easily accomplished with the bottle capper we bought. We filled up around 40 bottles of beer, not too bad.
Capping before
Capping After
So now the beer needs to condition for 1 week before drinking. Until then, cheers!
Total Yield
Ready to drink! (in one week)
Splitting the beer
One for you, one for me.... and maybe one more for me

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