Saturday, January 26, 2013

Garage "Sailing" adventure

OK, so I went to go raid the garage sales today like I've been doing for the past 4 years, always by bicycle.  It was raining but I managed to find a few.  I got a set of crutches for the bicycle trailer project (coming soon) I stopped by the hardware store to get a swivel castor that like 900 instructables articles recommend for the trailer hitch.  Also some soldering flux for some fancy unnecessary metalwork on the bed of the trailer.  Afterwards, I found an estate sale.  It didn't open until 9AM which was a good 10 min wait, something I am not good at doing.  Then they only let 8 people in, so I had to wait in line.  They had some typical stuff but all I ever am interested in these days is tools.  Like usual they had no idea how to price their items, $8 for a cassette player? nope $2 crowbar, I passed up because I don't need to do any half life 2 impersonations.  $30 craftsman vise? I can do better than that.  After all, I have broken 2 vises already so I am in the market.  Routers? not ready for that.  They had one of those pressurized water sprayer things and I thought that may have been of use for the foundry oil tank, but I really don't have my act together for that so I left empty handed.  What next... stopped by a church rummage sale and didn't get anything.  I was eying some basket storage things thinking of the possibilities, one of the guys working there said "I guarantee you need it for something" I told him he was probably right, knowing me but I have enough crap to build so far that it was not worth it.  Besides I have some trash picked bicycle basket things in the works too.  Moving on, stopped by the 99 cent store to find some yellow round reflectors for the Aku-Aku "hood" ornament project, they didn't have any.

As I was about done I found a garage sale in my favorite neighborhood that never disappoints.  The first thing I see is a MONSTROUS vise that must have weighed 100 lb min.  $20 tag on it. Unfortunately the guy who was there before me bought it.  I'm sure my bike could've handled it too.  I ended up getting a ball pein hammer (where is the rest of the handle?) and sledge hammer for future forging options, some drills, hole saws and a tube cutter. Also a wood boring auger all for under $20.
So what is the lesson learned today? drink the kool aid, look out for large vises, stay away from people with vices, never buy a house because you will just fill it with junk.

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