Historical Harvests from the Balcony Garden

Here are some notable photos of food I have harvested from the balcony garden back in my college days.

Beans and carrot
5/29/14: Picked the first beans of the season... 
and another carrot.

5/13/14: Pulled up the remaining cabbage and green onions.
5/10/14: Thinned out the carrots today. Had to get a photo of they are coming along.
5/10/14: Size comparison of the carrot harvested today.

4/6/14: Kale plant was going to seed. Cut some leaves of kale and Swiss Chard to make some chips.

4/6/14: Chips made from kale and Swiss Chard from harvested leaves.
Lots of Lettuce
3/8/14: The winter season is coming to an end, and all my lettuce was bolting. I harvested 3 heads worth.
2/14/14: Valentines Day with large leaves of Grand Rapids Lettuce
Red and Green Leaf Lettuce
1/19/14: Harvest a good amount of red and green leaf lettuce.
Cabbage Harvest
1/3/14: I harvested the head of cabbage from the plant I'd been growing in the 4 gallon container. It weighed 0.6 lbs and was the size of a baseball.
Crazy Bloomsdale Spinach Harvest
1/2/14: I come back to my apartment and find that my spinach plant is out of control. It has bolted all over the place and looks like a basil. Despite this, the leaves were still tasty, so I decided to harvest a bunch.
Hydroponic Bok Choy and Lettuce Harvest
12/4/13: The freeze was forecasted to come tonight. I picked everything from the hydroponic garden and emptied the bin. The harvest included 4 baby bok choy and several lettuce plants.
Hydroponic Bok Choy Harvest 2
12/2/13: Second Bok Choy from hydroponic garden
11/26/13: A nice helping of lettuce from DWC system.
Leaf and Romaine Hydroponic Lettuce
11/24/13: Picking the last few peppers before possible freeze
Hydroponic Bok Choy Harvest 1
11/20/13: First Bok Choy from my hydroponic garden
Hydroponic Bok Choy Harvest 1
11/20/13: First Bok Choy from my hydroponic garden
Chard Cherry Tomatoes and Fresno Chilis
10/8/13: An assortment of chard, cherry tomatoes, and peppers
Plate of Cherry Tomatoes
9/21/13: Back from vacation and a plate of cherry tomatoes waited for me.
Swiss Chard Cherry Tomatoes Chili Peppers
9/5/13: A cornucopia of veggies: Chard, tomatoes, and peppers.
Cherry Tomato Harvest
7/22/13: Tomatoes in the morning.
Marigold Seeds
7/22/13: Marigold seeds in the afternoon.
Swiss Chard
7/22/13: Swiss Chard at night.
Anaheim Chili and lemon cucumbers
7/14/13: The last of the lemon cucumbers. Also some Serranos, tomatoes, and an Anaheim chili.
Lemon Cucumber and Cherry Tomatoes
7/2/13: First Lemon cucumber after they recovered in addition to 3 cherry tomatoes (my first of those)
Swiss Chard Beans Peppers
6/27/13: Swiss Chard, beans, 3 Serrano peppers, and a strawberry. A total of 7 Serrano harvested from that one plant so far.
Two Serrano Peppers
6/21/13: First 2 Serrano peppers. I used them to flavor some ravioli and pasta sauce.
Green Yellow and Purple Beans
6/6/13: A good deal of beans of multiple varieties.
Spacemaster Hydroponic Cucumber
6/2/13: Harvested first cucumber from my hydroponic garden. Weighed 0.21 lbs and was about 5 inches long.
Swiss chard and Zucchini Flower
5/21/13: An assortment of Swiss Chard, beans, a strawberry, and a zucchini flower.
Hydroponic Romaine Lettuce
5/20/13: A nice little head of Romaine Lettuce from my hydroponic garden.
Good Lettuce Harvest
5/2/13: Haven't updated this page much, but I had a large harvest of lettuce today.
Nantes Carrot
3/31/13: A decent sized carrot (my last one).
Ugly Carrots
3/23/13: I pulled up the rest of the carrots to make room for my spring plants.
Bolting Bok Choy Stems
3/13/13: I've picked several pea pods this week, and I also had to harvest more bok choy leaves. The bok choy is all bolting because of a recent heat wave, so I had to pick some leaves. At least I will get seeds from it soon...
Winter Harvest
3/7/13: Harvested quite a variety of items. 5 carrots(weird looking), some spinach, a few leaves of bok choy, a pea pod (I have harvested a few of those this week already), and 2 leaves of lettuce.
Premature Carrot
2/24/13: Pulled up a carrot to see if they were ready. They aren't.
Spinach 5
2/23/13: A smaller harvest of spinach. I think I will be removing the plants soon.
Spinach 4
2/16/13: Spinach is starting to run out. 
Spinach 3
2/9/13: The weekly Spinach harvest (20 leaves).
Spinach 2
2/2/13: More Spinach! (I'm caught in a loop harvesting these same leaves)
First Spinach Harvest
1/29/13: Spinach! (about 27 small leaves)

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