Saturday, February 27, 2021

3 "Impossible to Kill" Vegetables for Beginning Gardeners

If you're looking to start gardening but you don't have a green thumb, sit back and watch. You should have no trouble growing these three vegetables as they easy to grow and are tough to kill with neglect. And the best part is: all these can be grown in containers!

This is a member of the beet family that grows a tap root, and many leaves from it. This plant can survive exposure to the harshest of conditions, whether it be extreme heat or a light frost. There are many different colors of Swiss Chard you can grow, so it will add some beauty to your yard. This plant isn't the most appetizing, but it can become somewhat of an acquired taste.

Kale gets a rep being hyped as the best super food or something for hipsters, but it really is one of healthiest and heartiest plants that you can grow. Kale can survive extreme cold temperatures and it can tolerate heat. For eating, it is a very versatile plant. Enjoy kale in salads, bake it into veggie chips, or even enjoy it raw.

Bush beans are a very compact plant for the summer and can produce a good crop before dying out. Aside from the normal green beans you see in the store or in the frozen veggies section, there are varieties of beans that come in different colors, Green, Purple, and Yellow to name a few. Avoid any seed packets that say "pole beans" when shopping for seeds.
Those are my top 3 veggies for beginners, hope you found this informative and maybe inspiring to the point of starting a garden!

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