Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Sunflowers Bloom! | Sunflower Challenge 2020

After nearly 3 months since sowing, my sunflowers are blooming! Let's see how tall they got:
Already I can tell that this year's Mammoth Russian Sunflower is much taller and has a bigger head than last year's best plant. That's a good sign. Let's get some measurements:
Mammoth Russian: 55 in tall; 3in head
For comparison, last year's turned up at 40" tall with a 3" head diameter. (101.6 cm tall and 7.62 cm head) As for the Velvet Queen, this one bloomed about a week before this one. Kind of strange this plant did not have nearly as dark of petals as the seed packet advertised. The petals had a slight red tint to them, but nothing like the seed packet. Also interesting to note, this plant is growing multiple heads! Incredible!
The measurements of the big head were:
Velvet Queen: 41 in tall; 2in head
So that's how my sunflowers turned out this year. In a few weeks they should start to dry out and then I will save the seeds from them. Until then!

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