Friday, April 24, 2020

Every Grapevine Came Back to Life | Vineyard Update Year 6 | April 2020

Three months after aggressively pruning the grapes, here we are:
I am pleased that every grapevine is showing signs of life. The ideal outcome when I pruned earlier this year was to have each vine grow only so much foliage while producing some fruit.

At this stage, you could see some of the grapes were starting to produce areas where clusters form. These clusters end up growing into the grapes in the fall.
The newer vines which I have positioned the furthest east in the garden are starting to finally produce fruit. They are 2 years old now. Due to Picnic Day being cancelled, there are no new additions to the vineyard. However, the cuttings that I pruned back in January rooted successfully, so there are new vines to work with.
In a few weeks I'll have a better idea of what to expect this year harvest-wise. But we've got many hot days ahead of us this April and May which will definitely affect fruit production this year. Stay tuned for more vineyard updates!

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  1. New to you. Florida seniors trying to grow in plastic milk/ water jugs. Live in mobile home community so limited space. Thanks for 2014 post. Need help.


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