Sunday, December 16, 2018

Brewing my Favorite Beer Recipe on the Craigslist Setup | Rye Stout 2018 -- Brew Day

After the success with the first batch of beer with the Craigslist equipment, it was time to make the most of it and brew up another. Of course, I had to use my favorite recipe this time, Rye Stout.

For those who prefer watching videos, here's a full video to capture the length of the events of brew day. Don't forget to subscribe and enjoy!

Rye Stout (10 Gallons)
16.5 lbs 2 Row
3 lbs Rye Malt
1 lbs Roasted Barley
1 lbs Crystal 40
2 lbs Pale Chocolate Malt
1 lbs Brown Malt

2 oz Northern Brewer (60 min)
2 oz Fuggle (30 min)

Safale US-05

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