Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Turtle Unification

This turtle sandbox I got for my foundry molding sand a few years ago has been awfully convenient.  The only problem was it didn't come with the lid, so we had problems with the sand getting completely soaked whenever it rained.  The blue tarp didn't help much in terms of waterproofing, so eventually we decided to keep it inside.

But now!  The law of Scrap Alchemy hath worked its magic once again when I conveniently found the lid on the side of the street on trash day!
I think the turtle looks much happier now... if only we could find the eyes.  Notice the color difference between the pieces, clearly one has seen more sun exposure/ use in its days.  The good news is the lid didn't have any holes in it, so it should be very well waterproof.  Now we can leave the sandbox outside once again.

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