Friday, June 15, 2018

DWC Growth Log -- Week of 6/9 -- The First Harvest

The fourth week running this system. It looks as if my nutrient troubles I encountered the previous week have started to remedy themselves. Also at the beginning of this week, the plants are big enough to start harvesting. I plan on cloning the basil plants en-mass to replace other plants in this system as I go.
June 9
June 10
At this point, the system was ready for a harvest. Harvested some lettuce and chard leaves. Monumental!
June 11 Preharvest
June 11 Harvest
June 11 Post Harvest
Topped up the reservoir the following day with some water.
June 12
June 13
June 14
By the end of the week, the bok choy finally solidified themselves in this system. I was worried they wouldn't. Good for me, as I love eating it!

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