Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Finshing the Kölsch | Bottling & Taste Test

Good head!
Finished up the Kölsch back in early April. Overall, bottled about 64 or so bottles of this brew.
Siphoning off
Interesting thing of note is only one of my two fermenters had a layer of krausen above the liquid level. This has not appeared to have any flavor impact thus far. It may be a symptom of why some of the bottles are more carbonated than others though.
Peculiar that the other fermenter does not have as much head
As temperatures are pretty cold during winter evenings in Northern California, the garage was the perfect spot to "lager" the beer.
Cold temperatures in March, perfect for cold crashing
Bottling came around, did one fermenter at one weekend, and the other one about 4 days later. I find that to be a nice perk of having two fermenters worth of beer, as bottling all at once is tiring!
Bottling Day!
The final gravity reading was a bit high, so this batch finished with 4.7% ABV. The Kölsch was pretty malty tasting, which I really enjoyed. All-in-all, those who I gave samples to thought it tasted great!
A first look at the head
As I mentioned previously, my coworker had made his own Kölsch, so we were destined for a side-by-side comparison.
Mine on the left, his on the right.
The verdict:
Mine: slightly maltier (higher mash temperature or due to rye malt
His: cleaner tasting, about same ABV. Good head

It was hard making a comparison between the two since they tasted like they were both different styles. Both were excellent beers however.

Until the next batch: cheers!

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