Friday, May 25, 2018

DWC Growth Log -- Week of 5/19 - The first plants

Seedlings started on 05/13
After completing construction and troubleshooting the lighting on the new system, it was time to fill up the reservoir and transplant in the first plants. The reservoir was filled with a premixed nutient solution of approximately 6.5 gallons. The net cups containing the seedlings started in rockwool were transplanted in.

Filling the reservoir 05/18
A bok choy
Plant varieties transplanted into the system initially were the following:

5 - Bok Choy

All but the Swiss Chard were initially started in the rockwool as described above. The Swiss Chard were started in soil outdoors, separated and transplanted into net pots filled with gravel.

May 18
May 19
May 20
The Swiss chard had started to perk up at this point. They appear to have survived transplant shock from the soil medium.
May 21.
Extra seedlings have been placed to soak up light in the event some plants don't make it
Within the week, tip burn could be observed on the bok choy. One plant did not make it and was replaced by a second Genovese Basil plant. The other plants were rearranged to ensure the light was not burning them.
May 22
A Bok choy is replaced by a second basil plant
On the 23rd, I did some research to see if the tip burn was being caused by a calcium deficiency. In response, I made up a Calcium Acetate solution and spiked the reservoir with it. This should restore the health of the plants were lacking it.
May 23
The basil had been doing wonderful so far with no notable issues as of yet. I added an additional foil wrapped panel to increase the total light reflected above the system.
May 24
From the first week, the basil and lettuce have established well. The chard has begun to grow too.
May 25
That is the end of week 1. The system is progressing, but some kinks have to be worked with the nutrient system out before real growth can be seen from all plants.

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