Sunday, January 14, 2018

How the Rye Malt shortage affected the taste of my favorite brew | Rye Stout #4 Bottling

I bottled the latest Rye Stout in 2 different lots, one of them on Nov 29, and the other on Dec 2. The final gravity and ABV respectively were 1.013 and 5.7%. Altogether I was able to bottle a little over 50 12 oz bottles from this batch.

The taste profile from this batch was a bit different from the typical Rye Stout batches I have done. Since I substituted in Munich Malt for half of the Rye Malt, the beer had a flavor profile with a more caramel taste. In my opinion, it tasted good, and if developed further, could be be improved with the correct balance.

What to brew next? Until next time, cheers!

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