Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bicycle Stereo Rebuild

Part 1 - First Build
Part 2 - Sirius Stereo

Where we last left the original bike stereo, the top part had snapped off.
bike stereo broken
I'd realized the Sirius stereo still wasn't loud enough (and kind of awkward to fit on the bike), so I decided to finally add those angle brackets.
fixing old bike stereo design with angle brackets
One problem... the original stereo didn't exactly fit into my new larger basket, so it's time for a rebuild.  The good news is that the new basket will allow for a more compact design with the speakers right next to each other- therefore, more stable and louder as well.
old bike stereo configuration not fitting in new basket

Taking it apart and cutting one of the wood pieces diagonally.
taking apart bike stereo
Flattening one of the extra angle brackets and screwing the bottom together.  The reason for the gap between the speakers was that I didn't want to mess with the wiring, so there still were wires coming out the sides of the speakers.  In the long run, this probably made the whole system more stable since the footprint was wider, and also provided a space to store the input cable when not in use.
reconnecting speakers with bracket
Attaching the top with the handle.
connecting tops of speakers with handle
Then with the old brackets, screwing everything together on the new angled base.  Both the battery and the amp stick out of the back a little bit, though the amp is still secured with the 2 front screws.  The battery was held in place with another angle bracket screwed on the bottom.  I later stuffed some old socks around the battery to prevent it from jostling around.
new bike stereo amp and battery compartment
I am very satisfied with this new design, it's like how it should've been all along.
more compact bicycle stereo
Perfect fit!
new bike stereo in basket
I went to go test it out at Cyclavia in downtown LA.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the actual event since I arrived there almost as it was ending, and was too busy enjoying what was left of it.  It was really cool, it felt like the music video for No Parking on the Dance Floor by Midnight Star, except everybody was biking instead of dancing through the streets. The stereo performed well, even though one of the speakers was blown, it sounded louder than ever before.
bicycle stereo in downtown LA
At downtown LA outside Union Station

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