Saturday, July 15, 2017

CC Pale Ale Bottling

Following fermentation of CC Pale Ale, secondary fermentation and coffee treatment had to be completed.

To satisfy the condition of the 2nd 'C' of 'CC Pale Ale, some coffee had to be roasted. That can be seen in the following video:

I let the coffee sit inside the brew for 4 days before I bottled it. Taste tests showed that that was sufficient time.

The beer finished at 1.010, giving this 6.0% ABV. This has been pretty standard on all my brews as of late.

I was only able to treat the main fermenter with coffee beans. I bottled about 9 bottles that were not exposed to the coffee. This should help for a contrasting test taste. From the main lot, (45) 12 oz bottles and 1 champagne bottle were capped. That's a lot of beer!

Within the week, the ale was carbonated. Tastes amazing! Cheers!

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