Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Buttercrunch Lettuce

Decided to try out a new variety of lettuce this year. This lettuce is a semiheading variety that can supposedly resist some heat. After seeing how prolific it is in other people's yards/hydroponic systems, I decided to go for this one. I've had good luck getting this variety to germinate too. The transplants I've put in my garden are also holding up to the hot weather my climate gets!

My first crop I've harvested out right before the heatwave was about to hit. Lettuce hardly had any bitter taste to it. Had the traditional buttery texture! This variety is an early summer champ.


Annual or Perennial?: Annual
Germination time: 5-10 days
Days until maturity: 50-60 days
Light requirements: Full Sun (6+ hrs) to Partial Shade (4-6 hrs)
Plant size: Small
Spacing: 6"-8"
Temperature: Cool and Warm
Difficulty: Easy
Traits: Forms a semi-head. Is somewhat heat tolerant.
Companion plants: N/A
Special needs: None identified

When to plant: Grow this variety of lettuce during spring and fall in warm climates. Plant year round in cool climates.

How to grow: Plant seeds directly or sow indoors for transplanting. Can be grow in soil and in hydroponic systems.

How to harvest: Cut outer leaves as needed once the plant has at least 5 decent sized leaves. Harvest whole plant when head is formed.


1 Week Old
3 Weeks old
4 Weeks old
5 Weeks Old
Harvested Plant (medium size)

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