Thursday, December 29, 2016

Seatpost Ultimatum

As much as I enjoy my renegade bicycle lifting operations, one of the major downfalls seems to be getting the seat post high enough without it bending over time. It appeared this was happening with the San Antonio Smuggler as well (AKA Bicycle Upgrayedd 2).
seatpost bent
I decided this would be the last seat post I should ever have to make for this bike, thus the most unnecessarily rigid and heavy. I figured since welding causes weakening of the surrounding metal, I'd make this one without any welding, which meant a lot of rivets.
preparing new seatpost materials

First turning a rod to fit between the extension tube and part of the original seat post.
turning connecting piece
Connecting them together. I made sure for a tight fit.
connecting piece inserted into seatpost extension
Having a solid rod as the linkage alone didn't seem like enough, so I slit a piece of pipe and wrapped it around the connection.
wrapped pipe around linkage
Then after riveting it all together with a hammer. The top part is a 7/8" piece for mounting the saddle.
new seatpost riveted together
That should keep it straight for a while.
new seatpost in bike

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