Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The "Serious" Bicycle Stereo

Oh no! the bicycle stereo is in disrepair! I was cruisin' down the street listening to some Skull Snaps when the top half "snapped" off.  Apparently six wood screws into the end of plywood didn't suffice.  Not only that, I had blown one of the speakers for some reason or another, and was only using the 3 that still sounded good.  I had plans to reattach it with some angle brackets or reconfigure the top section to only use the 3 speakers, but something else came up....
bike stereo broke

I received a Sirius XM receiver at a garage sale for free, just for being a "nice kid"- good news for me, it has an aux input!
this is sirius
This is Sirius business
As it just so happened, this thing runs on either a 15V DC adaptor or 8X C batteries.  Do a little math and you see that 1.5V*8 = 12V.  This is great because the motorcycle battery from the bike stereo is also 12V, so I rigged up an attachment to the battery terminals.
rigging a 12v motorcycle battery to C battery terminals
Wow, that was easy! and this time I can carry this thing on my bikes that don't meet the 50 lb. weight requirement for the old one!  This thing is surprisingly loud too and better quality, video coming sooner or later.
New bike stereo hooked up

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  1. Wow neat upgrade! I'm still waiting for the video of this in action


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