Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Foundry: It's Time To Build A New Oil Tank

The new burner has proven success with the garden sprayer pressurizing the oil.  The next step was to build a new tank that holds more than one gallon, so there would be enough fuel to actually complete a decent melt without stopping to refill.
pump garden sprayer tank to pressurize oil for burner

I would've modified my old gravity fed tank, but I had trashed it in a rage of fury after the first success.
old gravity tank
I went ahead and bought an 11 gallon air tank to modify to hold oil.
new air tank to be modified for oil
The basic design would be like this.  I went with the idea of pressurizing the tank with compressed air through a regulator.
pressure tank diagram
Here are some pipe fittings for the conversion.
a bunch of pipe fittings
With this configuration, I could plug an air hose from the compressor, and one through to the burner.
air input configuration
As for all the other stuff that would be attached to the tank, I made some ¼" pipe bushings to be welded onto the tank.  I used hex stock because pipe tapping in the lathe generates so much torque that round stock would slip in the chuck jaws.
pipe tapping in the lathe again but this time hex stock for anti slippage
Extended tap handles: very necessary
Then my left handed lathe tool became useful for once.  Afterwards the bushings were parted off.
using a left handed lathe tool bit
Here are three bushings on the left, and the oil outlet piece on the right all ready to be welded onto the tank.
some pipe bushings
Drilling the holes in the tank.  The oil inlet hole was the biggest as it is for a 1" piece of pipe.  I had to use a hole saw to cut this one.
drilling hole in tank with hole saw
Then with all the bushings welded on.
welding all the stuff on the tank
Here it is all set up. Notice the tube on the left side, this shows how much oil is in the tank, which appears a little over half full in the picture.  I made it by threading some street elbows into the bushings and then some hose barbs.  Street elbows are really handy.
new pressure tank set up

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