Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Check in -- Pumpkin Spice Cider

I took a look at my new batch of Pumpkin Cider today after 1.5 weeks of fermentation.
Brew Closet
My brew "closet" at large
A quick gravity reading showed it was down to 1.000, giving it an ABV of 10%. I didn't realize it would get that high! A quick taste test definitely proved it was up there.
Pumpkin cider pre rack
You can see the different layers (yeast, pumpkin, ???)

Already there are differences between this batch and my first batch. That batch finished with ~7.75% ABV. I may have gotten better readings this time around though as I let my beverage cool before I took the reading.
Cider clearness tubing
Look at how clear it'll be when it's done

The new batch took a week longer to ferment than the old one. I believe this happened because it's a lot cooler in my new place than my old apartment. Consequently, the extra time allowed the cider to clarify prior to racking. I shouldn't need to hit it with gelatin prior to bottling this time.

Siphoning cider
As I had no extra container, I moved the cider to a sanitized bucket first.

I must now decide on how much extra juice I'll need to add for sweetness and carbonation. I don't want this to be at 10%, but it needs the carbonation to taste better. One idea would be to blend it with some of the other cider I'm making, but I don't have much other either to play around with, so it might not be worth it. I have some time to figure out my solution. Until then, Cheers!

After Racking
So much volume lost to pumpkin sediment

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