Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hard Cider Batch #5 -- Part 2

It's been nearly two weeks since I started my newest batch of cider at my new home and I decided it was time to check up on it.
Brew Area 2.0
I took a gravity reading of the cider and it came out at 1.004, giving it an ABV of 7.4%. It's slightly less than my original prediction of 8%. My guess is that there are some other soluble compounds in this juice that prevented it from going below 1.000. Either that or the yeast gave up due to the sorbates in the juice.
Hard Cider container
The yeast got the job done.

I'm still pleasantly surprised that the yeast did it's job with the preexisting sorbates in the juice. Let that be a testament to the robust strength of EC-1118. Chalk up another example of Zeigler's Apple Cider being fermented successfully.

Siphoning the cider
My container almost toppled over when as it emptied.

A bit of siphoning magic and most of the cider was in the new container. I might have siphoned a little too much of the dregs, but it should settle out in time. Now I need a new container to put the pumpkin cider in when it's ready....

New cider container
Looks like apple juice.

Give this batch at least 2 weeks to settle out. If it isn't ready by then, I'll either rack it again or hit it with some gelatin. My biggest concern now is figuring out if any remaining yeast floating will be able to carbonate the cider after bottling. Until then, Cheers!

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