Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Beginning to feel like Fall -- Garden Update

Temperatures dropping. Leaves beginning to fall. It's the end of another hot summer. With the end of 12+ hours of sun comes a few minor changes in the garden.
Bouquet of peppers
So many peppers
First off, the cucumber plants have outlived their short lives and have been removed. I got about 6 or so good cucumbers from the two plants. Next year I'll try hand pollinating to ensure larger yields.
Pepper transplanting
Larger pot should boost yield and lifespan a bit

The departure of the cucumber plants frees up two new pots for new plants. I took the opportunity to transplant my Fresno pepper plant to the larger container. The new pot should allow for the plant to grow bigger and produce more peppers, weather permitting.

Peppers closeup
Even in the one gallon pot, it still grew a bunch of peppers.

With the remaining vacant pots, I planted some Bok Choy and Swiss Chard seeds. The Bok Choy should thrive with the temperatures dropping and should make for some delicious dinner additions. The chard will be good to have back in the garden again after giving away the last plants I had before the move.

Garden without vacant pots
Transplanting at night makes more sense as the sun won't wilt away the plants

As for the grapevine, it should start dropping leaves sooner or later. I have yet to see any of the vineyards I see on my drive to work drop leaves yet, but I'll keep an eye out so I know what to expect. At the moment it's been growing vigorously due to consistent watering and increased sunlight in its new home.

Rumors are the El Nino will be hitting hard this year, so it's likely the rain will keep these plants watered. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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