Friday, May 9, 2014

"Burning Bear" Amber Ale to Secondary

Finally got around to transferring the amber ale to secondary. The beer was done fermenting likely a week ago, but letting it sit for this long allowed for more settling. The final gravity reading was 1.008, giving an ABV of 4.9%.
Burning Bear Amber Ale
Not infected!
The beer currently tastes somewhat like caramel, but is lacking definition. After dry hopping is done, I think the flavor profile will be a lot better. 1 oz of Willamette hops were thrown into the fermenter today for dry hopping. Next week is bottling day.
Siphoning Amber ale
It's got a nice amber color, like the fine fur coat of a bear
Yeast ring
The yeast left a nice ring around the top of the fermenter
Dry hopping Amber Ale
Added the hops while siphoning.
Makes no difference as they up disintegrating and floating.


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