Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bottling Day: "Burning Bear" Amber Ale

Tonight we ended up bottling "Burning Bear" Amber Ale after 9 days of dry hopping. It was only supposed to be dry hopped for 7 days, but the flavors the hops left are still pretty good. All I can say is I haven't had as much time in the last week to be doing stuff, but I'll be trying to get back on the normal routine next week.
Burning Bear Amber Ale color
Good color
From this batch we got 40 bottles total, a bakers dozen for each of us. All went well, except that the last bottle we capped ended up breaking. We strained it and got any glass that might have gotten into the bottle out of the liquid. I'm hoping it will be carbonated in time for Memorial Day. With the heat we are having, I think the yeast will be working faster than before to make that a reality.
Downstream bottling bucket
Improvised new stand to support sipgot
Autosiphoning amber ale
Drying bottles for bottling
Advanced drying techniques
Yield from homebrew
Total yield: 40 bottles
Bottling bucket ready to go
Bottling setup ready to go!
Broken bottle
Stay safe around broken glass!
A sample of beer
I can't wait until it's carbonated!

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