Wednesday, April 30, 2014

White Lisbon Onion

I really like growing these onions. They are very small, can fit in nearly any location in the garden. Several plants can fit into containers as small as 1 gallon. These are easy to cultivate and good candidates for succession planting. If you need something to fit in between your rows of carrots or lettuce, consider these.

Annual or Perennial?: Biennial
Germination time: 7-12 days
Days until maturity: 60 days
Light requirements: Full Sun (6+ hrs)
Plant size: Small
Spacing: 1"-2"
Temperature: Warm/Cool
Difficulty: Easy
Companion plants: Carrots, lettuce, tomatoes
Special needs: None

When to plant: Plant these onions during springtime in cool climates and year round in warm climates.

How to grow: Plant seeds 1/4" deep in rows or in between other crops. They can also been grown in containers. Consider planting every week to ensure a constant supply of onions though out the season.

How to harvest: Remove onions from the ground at desired size (usually pencil thickness). Onion greens can also be used in addition to the "bulb" itself.

Green Onion Seeds
Green Onions Germinating
1 week old green onion
1 week old
3 week old green onion
3 weeks old
5 week old green onion
5 weeks old
7 week old green onion
7 weeks
Green onion ready to harvest
Ready to Harvest
Harvested Green onion
Harvested Onion

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