Monday, February 17, 2014

Cabbage is back -- 2/17 Garden Update

I haven't given a garden update this month yet, mostly because the it's been raining really hard for the last week. The weather this week feels like spring has finally arrived though; the forecast predicts a few days above 70 this week. I only think this is going to happen because of the cloud cover. Because of this though, nighttime temperatures are predicted to be in the 40s. Let's go through the garden.
I love my cabbages
Aren't they so cute?

Downstairs, the hydroponic bok choy are starting to grow. Although still small, the weather conditions are ideal for them to grow rapidly. I expect them to be done growing in the next 4 weeks.
Little Bok Choy
The largest seedling so far
DWC overview
I have harvested a lot of lettuce from both this downstairs planting along with the plants upstairs. I've used it for many dishes, from burgers to eating it raw. Very delicious. My lone strawberry plant now has many more flowers.
Red lettuce
Green Lettuce and Strawberry

Strawberry plant flowering
I don't want to pay $3.50 for a basket of strawberries at the farmer's market.
Moving upstairs, because of all the rain, I haven't needed to water too often. That might change this week as the temperatures.
Left side balcony Feb 17
Left side
Right side balcony feb 17
Right side
My cabbage is growing much larger (and more photogenic). A few are starting to head up.
These cabbages are larger
Also see photo above
The cilantro forest is out of control... and so is the lettuce. I think my orphaned garlic are growing bigger too.
Cilantro and garlic forest
That cilantro grows so fast
My other cabbage has many little heads all forming at the base. It still looks like an alien in my opinion.
Alien cabbage
I'm scared of what's going to grow from this plant next.
The lettuce, chard, and kale are all grown back from when I harvested them earlier this month.
Balcony greens Feb 17
That kale plant is monstrous
Balcony Greens 2 Feb 17
Lettuce, Kale, and Cilantro
Most of the seeds I planted in the trellis bin have germinated. I'm glad those pea seeds are still viable after a year and a half.
Pea seedlings Feb 17
Yay peas!
That's it for this week. I'll update again once these peas get taller.

Next Week's Update

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DIY subirrigated planter seedlings
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