Sunday, January 12, 2014

Scrap Attack: Best of 2013

2013 was a good first year for the Scrap Attack! section of the blog.  Aside from the acquisitions of a welder, lathe/milling machine, and loads of free tools and scrap metal, we made some cool stuff.

I present the top 5 Scrap Attack success stories of 2013:

#5 - Wood Turning Center

In the process of equipping my machine for wood turning capabilities, the most important piece was the drive center.  The design was developed to utilize a standard #3 Morse dead center by welding the drive teeth onto the end.  This was a fun project as it required both machining and welding.

#4 - R-8 End Mill Holders

It's always a good day as a scrap hunter when finding exactly what you need to save tens of dollars by building something useful.  In this example several R-8 shank blanks appeared in the scrap bin to be later transformed into end mill holders.  A much better fate than being shipped to the scrap yard and melted down.

#3 - Bicycle Seat Post 
After failing the first time, I conveniently found the perfect size of material to build a formidable seat post from. It probably was the longest workpiece I've ever turned in a lathe and the first time having to adjust the tailstock offset. Also another instance of welding and machining both being used.
#2 - Foundry Success 

After two years of working on the foundry, I finally got it to work last March.  I was so close to quitting until a garage sailing trip brought back a pressure tank and regulator needed to make it function.  Not much progress has been made since then, but believe me sweetie, I got enough to feed the needy.  More to come soon in the 2014

#1 - Tray

No.  This isn't even close to the best, at all, ever.

#1 - Die Casting Mold

This definitely takes the cake for number one, but the best is yet to come.  In 2014, we will actually see the completion of the mold and use for casting soap dishes of scrap aluminum.

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