Monday, January 20, 2014

Iceman IPA to secondary

It was time to transfer Iceman IPA to secondary fermentation. After 1 week + 1 day of primary fermentation, we transferred it over and dry hopped it using some cascade hops. Our final gravity reading was 1.010, meaning we got 5.3% ABV in this. I was expecting it to be worse, seeing as how our mash didn't go as planned. However, WLP001 yeast did the job, fermenting quickly and efficiently.
IPA large krausen
Look at that krausen

WLP001, California Ale yeast, is arguably the most active yeast strain we have tried out. If you refer to the photo above, you can see at least 3 inches of krausen. It has been the only one to put matter into the blowoff tube.
IPA pale orange color
Color is what we want it to be, but clarity isn't just yet.
So far the color remains orange and pale, but I think that will clear up within the week of secondary. The flavor is hoppy with a bit of a malty aftertaste. The balance between the two is quite nice. I think the dry hopping will give it the extra hop character it needs.
Siphoning to secondary
Ready to dry hop!
1 more week of sitting in the closet and then it's bottling day. Check in next week to see if the beer made it.
Dry hopping the IPA
Give those hops 1 week

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