Monday, December 16, 2013

Operation "Woody" Part 2: Tool Rest

In order to enable efficient wood turning on my lathe, it required a tool rest for using chisels.  Most tool rests on wood lathes are cast iron, but I made one of machined and welded parts.  My initial design looked too much like a bench and didn't seem ergonomically friendly, so I went for a more typical tool rest shape.
Initial design
The new design only used two, rather than three, pieces: a 3/4" milled piece of round stock, and a piece of plate.  It did, however, require a 45° angle to be milled on one end to accept the milled rod.

Here I am using a corner rounding endmill to make the round end.  I hadn't gotten any 1/2"-20 set screws for my endmill holders yet, so that's why there's a hex bolt sticking out of it (not recommended).
Here, milling the 45° angle.
I used a dovetail cutter to face mill the surface, making it smoother.  Things seldom get used for their intended purposes around here.
Here it is assembled before welding.
Welding the pieces together, no sense in welding the whole length of the joint.
Welding on the plate that goes in the vise on the lathe, fancy work holding methods in use here.
All done, trying to cut some wood.  The tool rest was too long for the piece being cut in the picture that's why it isn't right up against it.  Perhaps I'll make another tool rest for shorter workpieces.

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